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Attorney: Bacon & Wallace, L.L.P.

Auditor: M Gibson Swedl und  Barfoot PLLC 713-462-0341 Mike McCall
Bookkeeper: Myrtle Cruz, Inc. 713-759-1368 Myrtle Cruse, Inc.
Delinquent Tax Attorney: Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott, L.L.P. 713-862-1860 Donald Roseman
Engineer: Eby Engineers, Inc. 713-957-0788 Dennis Eby
Financial Advisor: First Southwest Company 713-654-8638 Julie J. Peak
Garbage Service: Best Trash 281-313-2378 Starts 03-01-2011
Insurance Agent: Anco-Wessendorff Insurance 281-342-2857 Dan McDonald
Operator: Municipal District Services, L.L.C. 281-290-6500 Municipal District Services, LLC
Security Services: Harris County Precinct No. 4 281-376-3472 Constable Precinct 4
Tax Assessor/Collector: Assessments of the Southwest, Inc. 281-482-0216 ASW Web Site /
Thomas  Lee

Make sure you live in Bonaire or Cypress Chase Subdivision before calling or emailing MUD 69
Billing Questions: M-F 8:00-5:00, Call 281-290-6507
For Water Leaks, Sewage Stoppages,
Sink Holes/Service/Emergencies 24 hours, Call 281-290-6503
Garbage Service (Tue & Fri): Best Trash 281-313-2378
Taxes: Assessments of the Southwest, Call (281) 482-0216
Security 24/7, Call 281-376-3472